Now a varied range of corrosion coupons available at Al Rayyan

The corrosion coupons are specialised corrosion monitoring tools which help you to keep a track of the rate of corrosion and damage that the equipment encounter on regular basis. These corrosion coupons from Crystal Industrial are available in customised shapes and sizes to be compatible with the advanced systems used at the Al Rayyan oil and gas industries.

The corrosion coupons used at the Al Rayyan petrochemical industries are generally of three types. The strip ¾ coupons are most widely used corrosion coupons at the oil refineries of Al Rayyan. The second type is the strip ½ corrosion coupons which are generally used on equipment with narrow port or are low pressure systems. The last type of corrosion coupons are the disc corrosion coupons which are used for monitoring multiple applications.

These corrosion coupons manufactured at Crystal Industrial are metallic bars which are of the same chemical composition as that of the system under monitor. You just need to send the sample of the vessel plant and the perfect corrosion coupons will be at your Al Rayyan industry at short delivery time.

The process of corrosion monitoring using corrosion coupons at Al Rayyan involves immersing the coupons in the same chemical composition which passes through the systems. The corrosion coupons are kept into the solution for a specific time span and these are taken out to check out the visual signs of corrosion.

Thus, with the aid of these advanced corrosion coupons from Crystal Industrial now you can easily keep a track of corrosion and hence can conduct studies to reduce early damage of equipment.

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